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Anesi Beauté

A World of pleasure and wellness
When was the firm created?

The group DRV-PHYTOLAB was created more than 40 years ago with a clear purpose: they wanted to become a leading company of the beauty and wellness sector. Nowadays, their dream has been fulfilled as they have become one of the main leading firms of the professional field of aesthetics and beauty worldwide thanks to its different lines of consolidated success.

DRV- PHYTOLAB perfectly understands the sector, its necessities, its future projects and the current reality through their different brands specifically devoted to the field of aesthetics and beauty. Knowledge and experience are the key factor included in the natural process of creating a new brand, this means, the firm offers a cosmetic concept perfectly adaptable to the necessities of each beauty centre: the ANESI concept.

Since its creation the project has been strongly related with the enthusiasm and hopes of the Vidal family therefore the company has always been managed in a direct and personal way. That is how they set the basis of this new brand: a complete cosmetic range especially created for achieving all the beauty and wellness by means of pleasure.

The line of treatments has very simple step by steps, perfectly adaptable procedures and pleasant methods for the client and the beautician who will transform each ANESI session in an ultra-effective treatment based on a sensory protocol.

All this concepts are included in the name of ANESI. This word of Greek origin means "a world of pleasure and wellness": the concept of personal care highly improved by the classic civilizations.


ANESI combines the philosophy of the maximum comfort of the classic cultures with the technological formulas closely studied in order to offer the highest effectiveness. In the formulas you will find a great variety of marine-based ingredients and vegetal extracts due to its Mediterranean influence as well as the new cosmetic advances which create highly effective formulas.

How is each of the anesi products created?

All the ANESI cosmetics are entirely develop by Phytolab Laboratories which actively work on each formula and use different methods depending on the necessities and needs of the products. Sometimes the formulas are entirely developed by the laboratories and in other occasions they collaborate both in the concept and creation with the most outstanding specialists of the worldwide cosmetic formulation thanks to its enormous international range. Their final aim: obtaining the best result. Nothing is done at random. PHYTOLAB takes part in the elaboration process of each of the sections by performing continuous tests of effectiveness and quality controls that exceed current European demands.

The concept

ANESI is a firm created in Europe which follows the guidelines and requirements of the French beauty. It promotes a close relationship with the beautician for achieving a well-known affinity with her because she is the one person who knows best the client's necessities with different skin types and therefore the one who can develop an adequate treatment.

This adequate treatment offers the idea of "a world of pleasure and wellness" through their user-friendly products for the final public, comfortable step by step treatments, pleasant textures, beneficial products from the very first moment of application and the absolute connection between the different lines of ANESI. The client will enjoy a "customize treatment" with the accessibility of "prêt-à porter".

Moreover all the lines of ANESI retail products and cabin treatments are perfectly defined to achieve the foreseen results.

Long-lasting professional kits with individual doses guarantee the quality and effectiveness Phytolab has always requested to increase the assets of the beautician work.  

Cosmetics for beauticians come with a studied program of application: exclusive massage techniques created by the Technical Department of Phytolab that includes a balance between avant-garde, classical characteristics, originality and tradition.

The image

The image of ANESI combines avant-garde and classicism.

Its bottles have been designed according to the ideas of softness and harmony.

Subtle bottles especially designed for women adaptable to the hand form with different tones and textures which vary depending on the treatment to obtain an image of total beauty.

Each treatment line of ANESI has a different colour related to its philosophy in order to easily identify its complementary products.