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Elettro Cemm designs and produces equipment for beauty and wellness centres. Thanks to twenty-years of experience in the sector, the slimming machines and hair-removal systems by Elettro Cemm represent the ideal solution to any beauty need.

The company's desire to supply only the best equipment has led Elettro Cemm to invest in research and technological innovation, which has led to the manufacture of the very best equipment for the treatment of skin blemishes, hair-removal equipment and massage devices.

The company's wide range of slimming machines and hair-removal systems include:

Endoskin: an aesthetic device used to obtain a silky and toned skin, helping the restoration of the body's and skin's functions and developing tissue elasticity delicately and effectively.  The machine combines a connective massage with a delicate suction of the skin, to obtain a balanced vascular circulation. Endoskin can be used on both the face and body.

Supernova: equipment for hair-removal and for skin imperfections. This device reduces the bulbs  by using a selective photothermolysis that hits only the hair, thereby causing their progressive destruction. With regard to skin imperfections, this machine can treat various problems such as photorejuvenation, age spots, acne etc. Supernova can be used on any part of the body.