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Dr LaurAnne

Founded in year 1971 by a chemist, Dr. Anna Laura Lampa, our company is a manufacturer of dermo-cosmetic products, available in two ranges: a premium retail line for final consumers - a professional line, dedicated to beauty professionals.

Our products are formulated and realized in Italy, representing the revenge of the most traditional Italian art crafts experience towards the promises of the “industrial beauty”.We are proud of our professional ethic; each of our Dr.Lauranne product is strictly corresponding to the highest quality manufacturing standards:

  • Use of the finest and certified ingredients available on the market
  • No animal testing - No animal-by ingredients 
  • Microbiological controls elaborated in our laboratories 
  • Dermatological tests conducted by the University of Pavia, Italy
  • Available certifications: Patch-test, GMP, Free-Sale, SASO 

Product Philosophy: the Special Treatments or Cosmetic SpecialitiesCosmetic specialities are special treatments consisting of a set of products formulated to achieve a specific action.They are asked to meet four basic requirements:

  1. Specificity of ingredients in order to achieve the result we require
  2. Exact dosage of ingredients in relation to the face or body part to be treated 
  3. Methodical and accurate sequence of each treatment
  4. Default time for the completion of cosmetic action

As for above description, we derive that cosmetic specialities are essential for concrete and optimal results; that’s why they are strongly recommended to promote the proper balance of face and body skin.