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The New Facials Range From Medik8

On 1st April 2010 renowned scientific skincare brand Medik8 launched their luxurious facials line in specialist salons. With five options to choose from, dependent on skin type, the client is able to select a treatment catered to their specific needs or their therapist can suggest a suitable procedure from their professional skin analysis. Based on cutting edge ingredients, green manufacturing philosophy and simple yet effective techniques, Medik8 facials cater for all skin types and deliver immediately visible results alongside numerous long-term benefits, leaving the client with a beautiful, radiant complexion and complete satisfaction.

Each facial has been designed to target and treat the main skin classifications, as with all Medik8 products they are still tailored for sensitive skin and will not irritate or intensify existing problems. The Hydr8™ Facial is aimed at dry and dehydrated skin; fully restorative, the products will nourish and replenish, leaving the complexion glowing and smooth. The use of Medimask Plus® and Hydr8™ B5 transforms the skin and locks in moisture to ensure it is instantly firmer and more toned. The C-Tetra® Facial is a sumptuous, antioxidant rich treatment especially for those wishing to improve firmness and photodamaged skin. Once again, Medimask Plus® is at the heart of the treatment but this time it is followed by a water-soluble vitamin C concentrate and the C-Tetra® serum for their anti-ageing and brightening properties.

For those suffering from acneic or oily complexions, the Beta Facial is recommended. The betaMask™ is an integral element of the procedure, intensive and packed with anti-bacterial and antiinflammatory ingredients including kaolin and bentonite. This deeply purifies the pores while administering a calming effect following extractions, post treatment the skin is detoxified and hydrated

As with our signature Red Alert® products, the Red Alert® Facial is compatible with those suffering from erythema. A delicate treatment that is gentle enough for even hypersensitive skin, soothing irritation in conjunction with providing essential moisture. The use of products enriched with vitamin C, vitamin K and teprenone reduce redness and assist with strengthening and sealing broken capillaries.

Finally, the White Balance® Facial evens out the tone of hyperpigmented skin and is effective at brightening. Illuminating the complexion and reducing discolouration, the rich emollient soothing cream applied at the end of the treatment protects from free radicals and renews the epidermal layer making your skin appear younger and lustrous.

All facials include a pampering massage, successfully draining toxins from the face. This is not only an extremely relaxing part of the treatment but the Medik8 Ludo® Massage Oil, specifically for the face, is created with cleansing active ingredients including grapefruit oil to lift the mood and boost the lymphatic system. All of the facials in the range are intended to be a wonderful accompaniment to the Medik8 regime, with each of the treatments utilising and complimenting the existing products. -Ends-

Medik8 is the skincare brand of Pangaea Laboratories Ltd. Founded in 1999 by pharmacologist Elliot Isaacs, Pangaea has always maintained high standards of scientific research, and all their products are developed with the aim of delivering cutting edge cosmetic technology to the public.

This release was written by Jennie Beebe, for any further information, please contact jennie@pangaea.co.uk.