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Action Q10 50ML
Q10 is a bright anti-oxidant factor, having clear implication in the slowing of age and age related diseases. Recommended as anti-ageing for wrinkled but intolerant skins. ... read more
Price: €29.48
Aloe After Bath Milk
Regenerating and hydrating body milk, with aloe leafs extracts. ... read more
Price: €20.05
Aloe Plus
Water-fix moisturizing day cream. Based on Aloe Vera Linne and marine biologic extracts, derived from seaweeds and rich in mineral salts, this cream works on the tissue by fixing the water moleculas naturally available in the skin, by reinforcing the horny layer and rebalancing the physiologic NMF. ... read more
Price: €28.30
Alpha Ceramidis Cream 50ML
2 in 1 cream with AHAs - exfoliating and stimulating the cellular turn-over, and CERAMIDIS, for complimentary reconditioning action on the tissue. ... read more
Price: €29.44
Anti-age Mask 50ML
Moisturizing mask, able to restore the normal skin hydro-lipidic-balance. Main ingredients are: glycerin, collagene, elastin, avogado oil. ... read more
Price: €24.77