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Stage Line Make Up

Founded in 1936, Laurendor S.A. is a Spanish company specialising in the production and commercialisation of cosmetics in the field of treatment and make-up. Creativity, quality and security in our products as well as customer service are distinguishing features of our company. It is a company with a profound knowledge of the sector, the production and the development of the goods that are commercialised and also of the distribution operation. 

The company is made up of various departments which consist of: Quality Control (which controls the entire process, from raw material to final product), Investigation and Development (always in continued research into developing new products), Marketing, Exportation and our own commercial network. They form the basis of a competitive company that has, through the demands of the foreign markets, demonstrated the quality of its products: STAGE LINE ( make-up for professional use and distribution),LAURENDOR (cosmetic treatment) , LAUKROM (make-up for carnival and characterisation) and FABRICACIÓN A TERCEROS.


The careful selection of ingredients, the production process, the quality control and dermatological tests, make our cosmetics being effective, current, comfortable and safe for our clients. We make a continued effort to manufacture the best products at competitive prices which are distributed by highly valued, experienced and dedicated professionals in order to retain the confidence that people show in the products that we produce. 

When creating new products we bear in mind the following:

  • Quality, using only raw materials and manufacturing techniques of the first order.
  • Safety, each product is subject to strict quality controls and dermatological tests.
  • Respect for our clients' demands, for which we work continually with our professional beauty and make-up team.
  • Environmentally friendly, using only recyclable bottling and packaging.

The result of working with TREATED PIGMENTS.

The make-up lines STAGE LINE and LAUKROM are made from a base of treated pigments and raw materials that benefit the skin. The treatment of pigments by means of specific techniques is one of the most important factors in producing a high quality product.

LAURENDOR S.A. has developed its own technology to treat cosmetic pigments to get various advantages over standard treatments:

Its rounded form means that the application of the product is softer without the mini - abrasive effect of irregularly- shaped particles. A SILKLY TOUCH.

The high level of particle dispersion considerably diminishes the habitual change of colour when the product is applied to the skin. COLOUR ACCURACY.

Adhesion to the skin is higher due to the affinity of the pigment and a greater resistance to sweat, water and grazes. LONGER DURATION.

The homogenous measure of the particles form a uniform layer which perfectly covers the skin without having to use great quantities of the product. NATURAL FINISH.

During the treatment the pigment is coated with diverse substances (oils, moisturisers....) depending on the final product, which impedes the drying out of the skin. COMFORT.

The treated pigments are reliable physical filters that help to protect the skin from harmful solar radiation without having to include chemical solar filters. NO PERFUME, and is DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED.

Thanks to our commercial network we have distributed our products all around Spain. Furthermore, LAURENDOR. S.A. has developed a market abroad in countries such as Italy, France, The United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Ecuador, Malaysia, The Czech Republic and Portugal among others with the exclusive sale of our products.