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Accessories and professional instruments for the aesthetics and the hairdressers


Accessories and equipments for aesthetical centers. Products and professional articles for beauty center.

Tessiltaglio was born in the years '80 from an idea of a family composed of Sanna, Mark, George and Andrew. The novelty consists of introducing some products it uses and it throws - The Monouso - inside the institutes of beauty, solarium and hairdressers with the purpose to guarantee to the clientele hygiene and safety in every treatment.

Tessiltaglio is the sector leader in the world, thanks also to their continuous development and their perseverant search of products, aimed to satisfy more and more the demanding applications of its clientele, that is countersigned for the high professionalism.

Tessiltaglio is composed of a net of own firms, positioned in various parts of the Italian, European and world territory, constituted by a team of young professionals of the sector.

Tessiltaglio has further produced its own production; it commercializes the best present marks on the market and for this proposes provides its catalog with a vast range of products and a particular range of articles able to satisfy the demands of every professional in the beauty business.

The Monouso is not only a product that is thrown away after use, but is an article that underlines the high professionalism of the business activity, providing the clientele with guarantees and certainty of hygiene and cleaning.