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The Yon-ka Brand

These two syllables, which resound and echo each other, tell a beautiful story:

YON, the river with purifying rapid water, but also the energy particle, the ion, KA, the concept of eternity in each individual in the Egypt of the pharaohs. Yon and Ka unite ideas that may seem contradictory: Knowledge and mystery, science and nature, movement and rest, shadow and light. And when they come together, the brand takes form and becomes the symbol of continuous regeneration, restored harmony and the reconciliation of body and mind.

Product know-how

More than a half-century of expertise

A specialist and pioneer of personalized phyto-aromatic care, Yon-Ka draws from essential oils, fruit and plant extract and marine active ingredients to unveil a treasure of benefit that hold the secret to precious rituals and products with spectacular results.

Today, over 130 plants from all over the world are used in the composition of the Yon Ka products. 

At home, in Salon and Spas, Yon-Ka products complement each other and work together to provide a very targeted response to specific needs of each individual and to restore the skin's vital energy and balance.

The Yon-Ka Commitment

Since its creation, quality, authenticity and visible results have been at the centre of the brand values: selected plants from land and sea and derived from  renewable resources and primarily organic farming.  The active ingredients and agents in Yon-Ka products are rigorously inspected.  They conform to the strictest international regulations. One-third of hundreds of formulas are self-preserved without the addition of preservatives, thanks to the bactericidal action of essential oils.  When preservatives are necessary for product microbiological safety, they are chosen in compliance with international regulations